HOA Documents


Several legal and policy documents govern the homeowners who live at Piety Hill Place. All homeowners receive a complete set of these governing documents prior to closing, and are legally bound to abide by the rules set forth in these documents.


The Rules and Regulations and the Bylaws of the Home Owners Association (HOA) were established on June 6, 1977, to create the HOA as a non-profit corporation. These documents provide the framework for the organization and powers of the HOA. They also provide for the election of the Board of Directors, and the powers of the members of the HOA, which are the residents. The HOA Board of Directors is empowered by these documents to enforce the Bylaws, subject to the laws of Michigan.


The Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, constitute an agreement between the HOA and purchasers of homes in Piety Hill Place of how the properties may be used and the agreed-upon practices and procedures for living in a condominium building.


Collectively, these documents are the strength of Piety Hill Place, and they provide for a stable, well-run community that the homeowners can take pride in.